Saturday, January 10, 2009

Samish River Delta, Near Edison Washington


The Pacific Northwest has more than its share of rainy, gloomy weather in the winter.  

The jet stream changes course, the "Pineapple Express" soars in from the tropics near Hawaii and inches of rain falls in the lowlands and the mountains.

Over 48 hours 6" of rain fell.  In the foothills and lower mountains the rain melted feet of snow pack, all of which contributed to the flooding.

The snow over the last several weeks insulated and protected small mammals - voles, field mice, from predation by the raptors - hawks and eagles.

Cabbage patches, and other winter crops soaked in the flooded Samish River delta.

8 American Bald Eagles worked a flooded field swooping down to the water and throwing out their talons at the helpless voles and mice trying to swim to the only high ground - the county roads.

Thousands of acres of blueberry bushes, are covered.

Approaching dusk I drove into the small village of Edison.  Warm inviting lights of the Edison Cafe, The Longhorn Saloon, Slough Foods, The Bread Farm, and Farm to Market Bakery shone out onto the wet street inviting travelers to stop by and get dry and warm.