Thursday, December 18, 2008

To Ed in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Best wishes to you and the family during this rough stretch.  I will think many fine thoughts for you. 

We will always be team mates and although we don't chat on a regular basis, when we do get together its as if we just stepped off the pitch at Greenlake, Brockton Oval, Steamboat Springs, the Superbowl Day game in Miami, the Bahamas, the Jamaican Army game or at the Mardi Gras Tournament those many years ago.

One highlight I'll never forget was at the Edmonton Rugby Festival.  In your giving, sharing and creative ways you helped turn a 6'4" thickheaded and churlish prop into a well deserved speechless (well maybe there was some whimpering) 6'4, 260lb smurf, and all it took was a gentle shove.

I'll nurse a single malt on this side of the pond as long as you do the same on your side when you can.

Cheers Ed!


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