Friday, December 12, 2008

Waiting for Snow V 2.0

Snow?  Tonight?!  Better stock up on the essentials, milk, cocoa, marshmallows.

Rugrat one and two want it to snow desperately!  I overhear them discussing possible school closing on Monday.

Posturing as "cool, unfazed" teens who have seen it all, they still can't help but sneak glances outside to see if it has started. If they notice me, they won't look but their thumbs get hyperactive sending text messages around town, "has it started yet?"


The kid inside wants to wake up to a fresh, untouched blanket of white and the promise of new adventures. I want to hear that muffled sound of silence; see my neighbor glide up the middle of the street on his cross county ski's; load up that ancient toboggan and shoot down the driveway.

But sadly reality sets in, you wonder if your aging parent is going to make it out of the nursing home and back into assisted living, if your 401K is going to come back or will you be working until 67 or older.

She who must be obeyed yells out, "are you going to forget the milk - do I have to go get it?"

Sometimes it would be great to hangout with some buddies, throw a few snowballs at cars going by, drink hot chocolate again and laugh so hard (at something dumb you did or said), that melted marshmallow shoots out your nose.

Guess I better head down the hill for the milk.

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